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People who have big weekends tend to take more sickies at work. from

Could a weekend of binge-drinking worsen your cold?

There's no doubt chronic alcohol abuse changes the body's infection-defence system. But here's what the research says on whether a binge-drinking weekend can make people more susceptible to illness.
The cellular and molecular generators of pain are fundamentally different between males and females. Image from

Women experience more chronic pain than men – now we know why

It’s long been a household debate: who really is the stronger sex, men or women? It’s no secret that physically, men often outperform women. But women have long argued that the gruelling experiences of…
We are still learning about the benefits of breast milk and breast feeding. Uqbar is back/Flickr

Breast milk protects mothers and babies from infection

Breastfeeding may be an ancient practice but we are learning new things about it all the time. My colleagues and I, for instance, have recently found that the lactating breast has the amazing ability to…

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