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Gene profile for Crohn’s disease identified

US researchers have identified specific gene expressions and microbes associated with the inflammatory bowel disease Crohn’s…

E.coli bacteria reveals how the gut fights infection

Scientists now better understand how the virulent E.coli bacteria block a pathway that would normally protect the intestines…
Inflammatory bowel disease is one of a variety of unrelated but ongoing gastrointestinal disorders. J.B. Hill

Explainer: what is inflammatory bowel disease?

Inflammatory bowel disease is a group of inflammatory conditions of the colon and small intestine that can cause life-threatening complications and may require surgery. Luckily, current therapies offer…
The available evidence shows colonic therapy is neither safe nor effective. MoHotta18

Colonic therapy: panacea or placebo?

PANACEA OR PLACEBO – A weekly series assessing the evidence behind complementary and alternative medicines. Colonic therapy – also known as colonic irrigation, colonic hydrotherapy or a high enema – is…
Patients struggling with unpleasant and debilitating gastrointestinal diseases may benefit from some of these advances. KayVee INC

The future of personalised medicine … for your gut

The emerging field of personalised medicine seeks to tailor therapies to suit an individual’s metabolism or genetic make-up. This strategy has worked well with medication for specific forms of breast cancer…

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