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Political, rather than economic: economists say there is no direct link to surpluses and lower interest rates. AAP

Can surpluses lead to lower interest rates?

The Federal Government is continuing its pre-budget surplus sell, with Prime Minister Julia Gillard directly linking its plans to return the budget to surplus to lower interest rates. Gillard will use…
A slowdown in China’s economy is not yet cause for concern in Australia. AAP

Will Australia’s economy roar in the Year of the Dragon?

These days, most economic commentators in Australia sing from the same hymn sheet when it comes to discussing our economic prospects: while the ongoing gloom in the US and the outright deterioration in…
The median expected inflation rate dropped this month compared to July, most likely driven by the economic turmoil in the US and Europe, as well as the domestic stock market. Flickr/Krug6

Consumers see inflation staying within RBA target

Consumers have softened their expectations on price rises, with a new survey showing that more people this month think inflation…
When it comes to bananas, demand outstrips supply. But it won’t mean an interest rate rise. AAP

Inflation stokes rate rise speculation but don’t blame the bananas

Renewed speculation of an interest rate rise this year has come out of a surprise surge in Australia’s underlying inflation figures. But don’t blame it on the price of bananas, says Grattan Institute economist…
Interventionist or free market - just where do our economists sit? Flickr/Daquella Manera

What our economists really think about politics

A funny thing happened on the way to this year’s Australian Conference of Economists. A survey was conducted of the policy opinions of members of the Economic Society of Australia (ESA). Far from conforming…
Are prices set to rise? A survey of 1200 consumers found an increase in the number of people who expect inflation will not fall within the Reserve Bank’s target. Flickr

Consumers see inflation breaching RBA target slightly

The proportion of people who expect inflation to breach the Reserve Bank’s annual target of 2-3% increased slightly in June…

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