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Apple’s newest mobile operating system may play havoc with your vestibular system. ohhector

Does iOS 7 make you ill? Give ‘simulator sickness’ the heave

If you feel slightly nauseated while using your iPhone or iPad, you’re not alone: you join a number of people reporting that the zooming, sliding and 3D effects of Apple’s new mobile operating system…
Not only has the way we look at our mobile devices changed, but they’re starting to look back at us. andres.thor

Apple’s Touch ID: time to come to grips with a touchy subject

Apple’s latest and greatest - the iPhone 5s - met a muted reception last week in San Francisco. Although the device’s admittedly evolutionary-not-revolutionary updates target early adopters and high-end…
The new Apple operating system iOS 7 – still in its beta phase – has a radical new design and hundreds of new features. But with lawsuits erupting seemingly every other day, how do companies like Apple avoid breaching patents? Javier Domínguez Ferreiro

How can Apple’s redesigned iOS 7 avoid the patent wars?

Earlier this month, Apple announced iOS 7, the most recent incarnation of its operating system for mobile and portable devices. According to Apple: iOS 7 is completely redesigned with subtle motion, an…

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