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Treasurer Joe Hockey has sought to make a virtue of what will be a substantial worsening of the projected deficits. AAP/Lukas Coch

Some barnacles can’t be removed in time for Christmas

Some barnacles are not, it seems, able to be removed – certainly not in time for Christmas. As the political year grinds to its end, the Prime Minister’s Office is under almost as much attack as that of…
Service providers will be given more responsibility when it comes to stopping illegal downloads … but will it be a deterrent? m01229/Flickr

Forced negotiations and industry codes won’t stop illegal downloads

Attorney-General George Brandis and Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced yesterday that they expect internet service providers (ISPs) to work with copyright owners to help police infringement…
Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been floated by anonymous sources to journalists as an alternative to Treasurer Joe Hockey. AAP/Alan Porritt

Government can’t get its university changes through parliament but can spend taxpayer dollars promoting them

Among its many problems, the Abbott government is showing distinctly cannibalistic tendencies. It’s not just a matter of the odd leak, which happens in the healthiest of administrations. This is serious…
Malcolm Turnbull and the government have been unapologetic after breaking a pre-election pledge not to cut the ABC’s budget. AAP/Nikki Short

ABC feels pain of broken promise: prepare for cut-price broadcasting

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced a further cut to Australia’s public broadcasters. The ABC’s budget will be slashed around 4.6% per year, or A$254 million in total, over the next…
New AFP commissioner Andrew Colvin was forced to backtrack over comments suggesting metadata could be used to prevent online piracy. AAP/Alan Porritt

ASIO more trusted than government with personal data

People are more inclined to trust ASIO and the police than the government and communications companies to store personal…
Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has put media deregulation plans on the backburner, but that isn’t stopping market speculation of mergers to come. Dave Hunt/AAP

Nine and Fairfax Media streaming towards a full tango?

Communications Minister and internet evangelist, Malcolm Turnbull, says media deregulation is off the agenda for now and he’s in no rush to remove the remaining media ownership rules. The reason for the…
Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull is developing proposals for changing the rules governing Australia’s media. AAP/Gary Schafer

Major media outlets retain online dominance

Major media players continue to dominate online news, current affairs and analysis, despite a proliferation of online news…
Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has shown this week that he won’t be fenced in within the. government or fitted up by right-wing commentators. AAP/Gary Schafer

Grattan on Friday: An assertive Turnbull steps out and shapes up

Was Malcolm Turnbull being forensically honest, or poking the anthill with a stick? Either way, his comments on Thursday’s 7.30 program were less than helpful to an embattled government. Asked by interviewer…
Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has denied claims he is positioning himself for a tilt at the Liberal leadership. AAP/Alan Porritt

Turnbull brings out all guns against Andrew Bolt

Cabinet minister Malcolm Turnbull has made an extraordinary attack on conservative News Corp writer Andrew Bolt, describing…
In commissioning a review of SBS/ABC efficiency, Malcolm Turnbull ruled out advertising on the ABC or changes to the broadcasters’ respective charters – but not budget cuts. AAP/Daniel Munoz

Triple trouble: will the ABC avoid budget cuts in a month of threats?

Due to Australia’s small population and high concentration of few media voices, public broadcasters play a pivotal role in shaping the media ecosystem and cultural landscape. With the ABC and SBS under…
Unless things have changed greatly in the last eight years, it would seem that the ABC has little to fear from a review of its efficiency. AAP/Tracey Nearmy

ABC efficiency review must not be a stealth attack on effectiveness

Due to Australia’s small population and high concentration of few media voices, public broadcasters play a pivotal role in shaping the media ecosystem and cultural landscape. With the ABC and SBS under…

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