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Even when we rest, all the sections of our brain show some level of activity. flickr/wellunwell

Monday’s medical myth: we only use 10% of our brain

The thought that most of us only use 10% of our brain is appealing because it means we have a whole lot of untapped potential waiting to be harnessed. Unfortunately, that figure is off by about 90%. This…
Men’s testosterone decline isn’t quite the same as menopause. Andres Thor

Monday’s medical myth: men also go through menopause

Feeling tired and grumpy? Maybe a litte emotional? If you’re a middle-aged male, these symptoms might be hormone-related, but no, you’re not going through man opause. It’s true that signs of men’s low…
A full English breakfast just doesn’t cut it. Iban

Monday’s medical myth: you can cure a hangover

Piping hot cups of coffee. A fat laden fried breakfast. Going for a run. Or maybe just going back to bed. There are plenty of claims about how you can cure a hangover. So, what’s the reality? If you’ve…
It’s how much you eat, not when you eat it, that affects weight management.

Monday’s medical myth: eating at night causes weight gain

If only a cure to world hunger was as easy as dishing out late-night sandwiches to the starving masses, and seeing them gain weight by eating at night. The reality is that it’s not when you eat, but how…
Science says otherwise. Pink Sherbet Photography

Monday’s medical myth: sugar makes kids hyperactive

Any parent would tell you that seeing children fuelling up on sugar-laden cake, lollies and soft drinks at a birthday party is a sure-fire recipe for a bunch of rampaging hyperactive kids. The connection…
It’s more likely to be the accompanying potatoes or your natural post-lunch dip. tuchodi/flickr

Monday’s medical myth: eating turkey makes you sleepy

It has been long-rumoured that gobbling up turkey meat has a mysterious soporific effect, rendering its consumers progressively drowsier. Sounds like a good story, and certainly one that’s worth checking…
You don’t need eight of these a day to be healthy.

Monday’s medical myth: drink eight glasses of water a day

We have all heard the popular advice that we should drink at least eight glasses of water a day, so it may be a surprise that this is more myth than fact. Of course our bodies need water, otherwise we…

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