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Australian food exports, like beef, are regarded by Chinese buyers as clean and safe. AAP Image/Dan Peled

Agriculture could be the next boom for Australia

Australia's emerging agriculture boom can last much longer than the mining boom -- but the industry needs policies that will encourage investment.
Australia can expect expansion in sectors such as tourism, the health and financial services sectors, banking and securities. AAP Image/Joel Carrett

As the mining boom wanes, Australia pivots to services

Mining, along with agriculture, will continue to be key parts of the Australian economy -- but new growth is expected in the services sector.
As economic growth in China moderates, so will its demand for Australia’s raw materials. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

Australia’s ‘five pillar economy’: mining

The mining boom is over and the industry is employing fewer workers -- but the outlook for mining in Australia seems generally good.
AAP/Alan Porritt

Competing interests and the crisis of governance

In comedy timing is everything. So, too, in politics. In good times governing is – or ought to be – pretty straightforward. How hard can it be to divide up the windfall gains from a mining boom, for example…
Together with the government, the banking sector could play a role in easing the transition for mining workers. Tony McDonough/AAP

HECS for the unemployed: a finance answer to mining’s decline

A decade of strong mining revenue growth has seen workers disproportionately located in the “mining states” of Queensland and Western Australia. With mining investment now waning, workers drawn by in the…
Infrastructure in the Pilbara is a mixture of private and public owned assets. AAP/Will Russell

As slowdown looms, Pilbara will need networks to thrive

The Pilbara has had a remarkable boom in recent years, but with the current slowdown comes questions about its long-term future. The need to diversify the local economy is obvious, but how do you do this…
WA’s mining boom has moved to the production phase, creating fresh challenges for the economy. AAP

Changing times: the economic policies WA needs now

One of biggest issues to be addressed in tomorrow’s WA Senate poll - and perhaps one of the most complex, too - is how best to maintain the state’s growth trajectory through the forthcoming period of transition…
The Rio Tinto’s Kestrel Mine, north-east of Emerald, Queensland, extended its operations as mining companies around Australia moved from developing new mines to turning on production. AAP/Rio Tinto

Mining construction takes big hit as sector moves to production

Declining commodity prices and high production costs are hampering investment in the mining industry, with new figures revealing…
Despite his electoral success earlier this year, WA premier Colin Barnett has suffered a string of economic blows - the latest being a credit rating downgrade and the rejection of his proposed raise in the GST. AAP/Theron Kirkman

GST rebuff and credit downgrade add to Barnett’s annus horribilis

2013 hasn’t been a good year for Western Australian premier Colin Barnett. Standard and Poor’s recent downgrade of his government’s credit rating continues a pattern. It is not an aberration. Barnett’s…
Resource tax reform could solve the problem of an ageing population. But is the current government brave enough to do it? Sourced from

Ageing population and mining: a tale of two booms

In an unusual move, Mission Australia and the Business Council of Australia recently co-authored a piece calling for a mature and open conversation about tax reform. They join a chorus of voices, from…
Investing in libraries could be a good way to boost Australia’s economy. Library image from

Forget mines: Rudd and Abbott should look to libraries to drive our next boom

The Sydney Morning Herald recently reported that information technology and biotech entrepreneurs are beginning to displace mining magnates at the top of the nation’s rich lists. Out goes resources tycoon…
Both Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd have been busy visiting manufacturing facilities during the election campaign. However neither is promising inspiring economic policy. AAP/Julian Smith

Election 2013 Essays: It’s the economy, stupid

Election 2013 Essays: As the federal election campaign draws to a close, The Conversation asked eminent thinkers to reflect on the state of the nation and the challenges Australia – and whichever party…
The mining boom is over but our political leaders have refused to acknowledge that bad times may be coming. Image from

Election 2013 Issues: How we make our money

Welcome to the The Conversation’s Election 2013 State of the Nation essays. These articles by leading experts in their field provide an in-depth look at the key policy challenges affecting Australia as…
What is the future of Australian productivity and investment after the mining boom? AAP/Christian Sprogoe

After the boom: where will growth come from?

Where will jobs and growth come from after the mining boom? This is the fundamental question facing the next Australian government, whose success will depend to a great extent on how it addresses this…

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