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Riding underwater on Darwin’s most popular bike path, on 1 February 2014. Andrew Campbell

A wet warning from Australia’s Top End on rising sea levels

Rising sea levels are typically written about as a “threat to future generations” – something to worry about by 2050 or 2100, not now. But if you want to see why even relatively small increases in sea…
Those days need not remain in photographs. carlos-smith

Genetic switch controls body’s tissue repair system

It is a sad fact that old age brings diseases. Many may not be life-threatening, but they make life less fun. One such condition is sarcopenia, which causes the loss of muscle mass and strength, and it…
We have fish to thank for the makeup of our face. Flickr/Ben Shepherd

Hello fish face – a fossil fish reveals the origins of the face

Lets face it – without a face no-one would recognise us, nor would we be able to guess what others might be thinking or feeling. Faces and their subtle degrees of symmetry and expression have defined human…
Cod: in search of cold waters. August Linnman

Fish may end up in hot water as climate warms the ocean

The rate at which the world has warmed over the past 50 years and is likely to continue to do so in the future poses problems for life on land and in the ocean. Most species have a defined range of temperatures…
Damaged boats smashed together at Port Hinchinbrook harbour, the day after category 5 tropical cyclone Yasi hit north Queensland. AAP/Dave Hunt

Tropical cyclone frequency falls to centuries-low in Australia – but will the lull last?

The number of tropical cyclones hitting Queensland and Western Australia has fallen to low levels not seen for more than 500 years, new research published in Nature shows. But while that’s seemingly great…
Virgo consortium: the web that holds the galaxies together. Rich Murray

Filaments that bind galaxies together illuminated by a quasar

According to cosmologists, galaxies are joined together by filaments, quite literally. These filaments form the cosmic web and are made of mostly dark matter, many stars and some gas. Observing these filaments…
Understanding clouds is crucial to understanding whether temperatures will rise quickly in coming decades. Visun Khankasem/

How clouds can make climate change worse than we thought

The amount of global warming we can expect in the future has been a tough question to pin down. A new study that I led with colleagues in France has enabled us to come up with a more accurate analysis…
Don’t go by looks. Smithsonian's National Zoo

Cancer immunity of strange underground rat revealed

Researchers have discovered how one of the world’s oddest mammals developed resistance to cancer, and there is hope that…
Artist illustration of how single molecules can be analysed. Guoyan Wang and Yan Liang

New method can image single molecules and identify its atoms

The ultimate dream of nanotechnology is to be able to manipulate matter atom by atom. To do that, we first need to know what…

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