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Neurogenetic disease is an umbrella term to describe inherited diseases that affect the nervous system. Shutterstock/Dmitry Naumov

Explainer: what are neurogenetic diseases?

Each year, thousands of Australians are diagnosed with an inherited condition that affects their nervous system. Neurogenetic disease is an umbrella term to describe these conditions, which are primarily…
An emerging drug treatment is effective in mice but translating these results to humans will take time. TheTun/Shutterstock

Developing drugs to reduce brain impairment after stroke

Stroke claims five million lives worldwide each year and is the second biggest killer after ischaemic heart disease. Of those who survive, a significant number (around five million) live with neurological…
The scientific evidence for brain stimulation is only in its initial stages. Image from

It’s electrifying: non-invasive brain stimulation

A simple procedure requiring only a nine-volt battery and a few cords strapped to your head is gaining momentum with DIY types eager to improve brain function. Brain stimulation involves weak electric…
Booze won’t kill your brain cells but it can still harm your brain. Image from

Monday’s medical myth: alcohol kills brain cells

Do you ever wake up with a raging hangover and picture the row of brain cells that you suspect have have started to decay? Or wonder whether that final glass of wine was too much for those tiny cells…
Neuroscience is used to explain everything from sexual attraction to voting habits to why we buy particular products. Flickr/mutsmuts

Blame it on the brain: our modern obsession with all things ‘neuro’

In May last year, a new attraction called The Ascent opened for a brief season in Brooklyn, New York. Described as “part art installation, part adventure ride and part spiritual journey,” The Ascent consisted…
Rugby player Nate Myles (far right) shouldn’t have returned to the field after suffering a concussion. AAP

Correcting our blurred vision on football concussions

“He got a free trip to Disneyland.” That’s how Wally Lewis described the knockout of Nate Myles, from the Gold Coast Titans, during a tackle two weeks ago. Rugby league is a tough game with tough players…
Long term cannabis use has been known to harm the brain but new research shows some of this damage was there to begin with. Wiros

Brain abnormalities pre-date pot smoking in heavy users

Cannabis remains the most commonly consumed illicit drug in the world, with more than a third of Australians reporting that they have used it at some point in their lives. This is despite growing evidence…
Dopamine, which is released during gaming, can influence the wiring of the adolescent brain. Steven Andrew Photography

Pleasure centre: how video games affect young brains

Teens who frequently play video games have larger reward centres in their brains than those who play less often, according to a study published today in the journal Translational Psychiatry. The researchers…
Even when we rest, all the sections of our brain show some level of activity. flickr/wellunwell

Monday’s medical myth: we only use 10% of our brain

The thought that most of us only use 10% of our brain is appealing because it means we have a whole lot of untapped potential waiting to be harnessed. Unfortunately, that figure is off by about 90%. This…

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Protecting against Alzheimer’s

Researchers have investigated the way the cells in our nervous system protect themselves. They examined the proliferation…