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We love the NHS but maybe we love life more. PA/Dave Thompson

Jumping the organ queue questions some core principles

Giving priority for transplants to people who have joined the organ donor register (ODR) isn’t a new idea and is already happening in countries such as Israel and Singapore. In Israel, where a points-based…
The hidden scars of the organ trade. BEE FREE

Organ trafficking: a protected crime

Organ trafficking and illicit transplant surgeries have infiltrated global medical practice. But despite the evidence of widespread criminal networks and several limited prosecutions in countries including…
Many women believe that experiencing pregnancy is a key component of motherhood. Dhini van Heeren

A womb of her own: risking uterus transplant for pregnancy

On a weekend in mid-September 2012, a team of gynaecologists and transplant specialists at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden, performed two uterus transplants with living donors. In both cases…
Reimbursing for costs is standard in research but large payments present problems. Flickr/PACOM

Organs for sale? The ethics of paying living kidney donors

The Commonwealth Government is considering a proposal from Kidney Health Australia to reimburse living kidney donors for reasonable expenses incurred during the donation process, such as loss of income…

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T-cells reject organ transplants

Immune system cells, called T-cells, fight foreign tissue which often results in the rejection of transplanted organs, researchers…