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Piton de la Fournaise or “Peak of the Furnace” on Reunion Island is one of the world’s most active volcanoes, shown erupting in August 2015. AAP/NewZulu/Vincent Dunogué

Explainer: why volcanoes erupt

What happens beneath the surface before a volcano erupts? Can we predict when one will blow? And how can typhoons and melting glaciers contribute to big eruptions?
These Rohingya women and children, rescued by fishermen in Aceh, are among thousands in need of resettlement. EPA

Australia can do better on Asian boat crisis than ‘nope, nope, nope’

A summit in Bangkok is discussing the fate of thousands of people who were stranded at sea. Australia is represented but refuses to resettle any refugees, casting doubt on its commitment to a regional solution.
The city of Tacloban after Typhoon Haiyan, November 2013. EPA/Dennis M. Sabangan

A year after Typhoon Haiyan, poor Filipinos find a voice

On November 8 2013, Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines. One of the largest tropical storms ever to make landfall, it killed more than 10,000 people and left millions homeless. The vast recovery effort…
Thailand’s military coup in May is a sign of political malaise without an obvious cure in the absence of a new social contract. EPA/Pongmanat Tasiri

Asian states in crisis can choose more democracy or more conflict

Rather than a new dawn for democracy, political and social reform in the region has led to less representation and more contestation. This has potentially far-reaching consequences. What does the May coup…
The peace agreement between the MILF insurgency and the Philippines government is a significant achievement, but challenges do lie ahead for all parties. EPA/Ritchie B. Tongo

Peace in the Philippines, but what next for the MILF?

Late last month, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) insurgency and the Philippines government signed a landmark peace settlement, signalling the end of a decades-old conflict. After 17 years of on-and-off…
India and the Philippines want to be known for more than their global call centres.

Call centres and compromise: the changing face of outsourcing

When Qantas wished to outsource some of its engineering operations in the 1990s it came to a compromise with the unions - the 767s would be done in-house, and the 747s outsourced. Decades on, clashes between…
Typhoon Haiyan is an unnatural disaster. EPA/Dennis M. Sabangan

Typhoon Haiyan: a perfect storm of corruption and neglect

Now that Typhoon Haiyan has passed through the Philippines we can turn to the question of why the storm wreaked such havoc. In a country that sees 20 tropical storms every year, it would be natural to…
Too little, too late: the Philippines President hands out water to survivors in Tacloban City. EPA/RYAN LIM/ MALACANANG PHOTO BUREAU HANDOUT

Climate change and government inaction conspired against Philippines

Filipinos are no strangers to big storms. Their country sits next to the world’s most intense typhoon generator, a huge expanse of deep, warm ocean in the North West Pacific. More than 20 tropical storms…
Path of destruction: Haiyan makes landfall. AP Photo/Nelson Salting

Eyewitness: Typhoon Haiyan strikes the Philippines

The rain is ricocheting off the roads here in Manila. Early on Friday, our car’s tyres dragged in the deep puddles. Basketball courts - remnants of bygone American rule, and a staple of every district…
Workers attend to the seedlings in a confined Golden Rice field trial. IRRI Images

Want a better world? You can’t look at GMOs in isolation

The Philippines (also known as the rice-bowl of Southeast Asia) has become a test bed for genetically modified (GM) crops. Proponents argue GM grains and vegetables can improve the life of farmers and…
Campaign posters for husband and wife team, Jack and Sally Enrile, in the recent Filipino elections. What does the experience of Asia’s longes serving democracy teach us about modern elections? Adele Webb

Philippine election antics in context: stories from the field

For the average person schooled the the Western sense of an election, democracy in action in other parts of the world can be challenging, if not confronting. Driving into the town, past the carabaos cooling…

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