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Working dawn till dusk to turn $10 billion into dust. US FWS Mountain Prarie

Crushing billion-dollar ivory stockpile is an empty gesture

Confiscated ivory taken from smugglers, traders and tourists by US authorities was crushed to chippings last week, The stockpile of more than six tonnes, amassed since the 1989 international embargo on…
Elephant ivory seized from poachers in Garamba. Flickr: ENOUGH Project

The Ivory War: militarised tactics won’t work

Elephant and rhino poaching in Africa have been rising; the Western black rhino has just been declared extinct. Demand in Asia, particularly China, for these animals’ tusks and horns has been identified…
Scientists say legalising the trade in rhino horn would help save rhinos from extinction. AAP/Australian Science Media Centre

Scientists call for legalisation of rhino horn trade

Global bans on rhinoceros products have failed, and legalisation is required to save rhinos from extinction, argue scientists…

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