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The true health costs of Fukushima’s radiation leaks won’t be known for decades. AAP

Don’t hold your breath for Fukushima’s radiation toll

A year can be a long time in politics. But for the radioactive particles released from Fukushima’s damaged nuclear reactor, a year is just a moment in their life of hundreds or thousands of years. So…
Iran is constructing nuclear power stations; that much is clear. AAP

Could Iran be building nuclear weapons? A scientific perspective

There is much concern that Iran is in the process of developing nuclear weapons. Such a development, we’re told, could induce Israel to launch a unilateral military strike with all types of unpredictable…

Radioactive material threatens farms in Japan

Soil from eastern Fukushima and some neighboring areas has levels of Cesium-137 above safe levels for human consumption…

Where is the earth’s heat coming from?

A study on the Earth’s radioactivity has found that uranium, thorium and potassium produce almost half of the Earth’s heat…

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