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There are high hopes that the new head of the Fed, Janet Yellen, will change the culture at the central bank and the lenders it regulates. IMF/Flickr via CC BY-NC-ND

Banking tail often wags the Fed’s regulatory dog

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has her work cut out for her if she hopes to change the culture at the world’s most important central bank. Media reports abound with evidence that the financial industry…
Marijuana is legal in some states, but that doesn’t mean that banks can deal with the proceeds. Rick Wilking/Reuters

Why won’t banks dance with Mary Jane?

In nearly half of US states, marijuana business is booming. Although marijuana is illegal under federal law, 23 states have legalized some marijuana use. Colorado and Washington even allow recreational…
The news was taken badly by some bankers. thehutch

New bonus rules may make bankers happier campers

Imagine having to wait seven years before you could be sure that what you were properly paid for your job. If it sounds like a bad deal then maybe it’s time to spare some empathy for bankers at UK financial…
Superannuation: you give, they take. Paul Kelly/Flickr

Superannuation is too costly, so bill me

The main reason superannuation costs are too high in Australia is both simple and horrendously complex: it’s the only service we buy where we give the service provider our money to look after. It’s true…
Finance Minister Mathias Cormann says there’s no compelling reason the government should own Medibank Private. Alan Porritt/AAP

Selling Medibank Private may moderate health insurance costs

On Wednesday, the federal government announced the sale of Medibank Private. On Thursday, the government announced the membership of its competition review panel. Ironically, selling Medibank may finally…
Maybe the Left should take a leaf out of farage’s book on immigration. Ben Birchall/PA Wire

Immigration should get the same treatment as laissez-faire economics

The theoretical underpinning of the modern global economy has broken loose. The so-called Washington consensus based on neoclassical, laissez-faire economics has encountered a sustained challenge from…
The case raises important issues about the consistency of regulations that apply across the food-medicine interface. Chuck Grimmett

Regulations around food-medicine products fail to protect consumers

It seems there’s no end to the production line of so-called “therapeutic” products promoted to trusting consumers by companies willing to make untested claims. The latest is Souvenaid®, a product promoted…
The rollout of the NBN provides small businesses with an opportunity to actively embrace e-commerce. AAP

Small business policy for 2013: what should be on the list?

Last Wednesday, Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced the start of what is set to be Australia’s longest election campaign. Set for the 14th of September, it will last approximately eight months. One…
A Diamond in the rough: Former Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond bore the brunt of public anger over the LIBOR scandal. But attention should be paid to behaviour of regulatory authorities. AAP

Gloom of the system: Barclays fallout highlights structural flaws in financial regulation

As the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, Paul Tucker, prepares to give evidence to the Treasury Select Committee, he will be mindful of the insult thrown at Bob Diamond, the recently crestfallen…
ASIC has grabbed the international corporate regulatory spotlight - so why aren’t we celebrating? Flckr/Dan Brady

Why has ASIC’s turn on the global stage been ignored?

The election of Australia’s top corporate regulator Greg Medcraft to the chairmanship of the International Organisation of Securities Commissions has received nowhere near the prominence it deserves. Aside…
The proposed Volcker Rule, which will ban proprietary trading by commercial banks, has raised the ire of Wall Street. Bête à Bon-Dieu

Risks or rewards? What the Volcker Rule means for Wall Street

The agenda of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Annual Summer School in Sydney was dominated by discussions on how to reduce systemic risk. The noted increase in the regulatory perimeter…
ACMA has handballed responsibility for regulating junk food advertising to kids to a preventive health agency. Eekadman

Junk food advertising to kids – what’s next for regulation?

There’s no evidence that industry self-regulation works to restrict junk food advertising to children. That’s the unsurprising finding of the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s (ACMA) long-awaited…
Some complementary medicines fill a medical need while others are of no value whatsoever. nicholaslaughlin

Giving the right teeth to the tiger: creating an effective TGA

Some complementary medicines are useful while others are just plain quackery so any attempt to regulate the industry requires an understanding of this heterogeneity. What’s more, the regulator of the industry…
Johnson and Johnson’s faulty Du Puy hip implants leeched metal into the tissue of some recipients. Okadots

TGA slow to react on dud hip replacements

With joint replacement surgery becoming increasingly common, the flap over a large recall of De Puy hip implants has thousands of Australians worried about the quality and longevity their own hip replacements…
Vitamins, minerals and herbal therapies should live up to the claims on their packaging. Peter Sunna

Consumers need the facts about complementary medicines

Two out of three Australians use complementary medicines to boost their nutrition, alleviate various symptoms and improve their overall health and well-being. There are around 10,000 products to choose…
Media ownership is much more concentrated in Australia than in the UK, where it is under scrutiny. AAP/Dean Lewins

The online test for media inquiries

A profound shift is underway in the global news media industries. As the extensive police investigation and judicial inquiry into the News of the World phone hacking scandal continue in the UK, News Corporation…
There should be more regulation of third parties to help preserve Australian democracy. AAP/Alan Porritt.

Big money politics: why we need third party regulation

MEDIA & DEMOCRACY: In the latest instalment of The Conversation’s week-long series on how the media influences the way our representatives develop policy, Marian Sawer examines the need to regulate…
Too much regulation of third parties like GetUp! will hurt democracy. Paul Miller AAP

Power imbalance: why we don’t need more third party regulation

MEDIA & DEMOCRACY: In the latest instalment of The Conversation’s week-long series on how the media influences the way our representatives develop policy, Andrew Norton says there’s no need to regulate…
There aren’t any miracle cures but there are a number of treatments that can reduce its severity. Flickr/Algo

Monday’s medical myth: osteoarthritis can be ‘cured’

Switch on daytime television on any given day and you’d be forgiven for thinking there was a cure for the debilitating and dreaded condition, osteoarthritis. Unfortunately, there’s not. And that’s not…
Hazlewood coal-fired power station would be uneconomic under a carbon tax. AAP

A recipe for making the carbon tax a success

The carbon tax is the latest attempt by an Australian government to legislate in order to avert disaster, this time to the climate. Whether the tax will become law sits on a knife edge, and the stakes…
The US FDA is moving to regulate medical mobile apps linked to instruments it currently oversees.

Open app and say aah: the perils of medical diagnosis on a mobile

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing to regulate some medical mobile applications, or apps, in an apparent bid to protect consumers from harming themselves or others. At first sight…
Rupert Murdoch holding a copy of The Times, a News International paper. AAP

The perils of trying to regulate for ethical behaviour

In little more than two weeks, the long simmering issue of illegal phone hacking at News Corporation’s British newspaper News of the World has developed into a cascading crisis, with fatal results for…

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The liberator Pyne to cut uni red tape

As Rousseau nearly said, universities are born free but are everywhere in chains. Education Minister Christopher Pyne promised earlier this week to be the great liberator, signalling that the Abbott government…

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