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How to build the world’s fastest car

One of the engineers behind Bloodhound, the UK's anticipated world land speed record attempt, explains how they created a car to reach 1000mph.
The scramjet crashed, but the experiment was a success. Janelle Kirkland (UQ)

Autopsy of a space disaster turns failure to success

On September 18 this year, far above the Arctic Circle at Norway’s Andoya Rocket Range, the SCRAMSPACE hypersonic scramjet flight experiment was about to launch. Three and a half years of intense effort…
College day betting lead to a fascination with the stockmarket for this physicist. Dan Raustadt Flikr

A rocket scientist’s view of the stockmarket

The last Space Shuttle recently returned to Earth. That reminded me that 45 years ago I was undertaking a PhD in physics at Australian National University, investigating the re-entry of the space shuttle…

The tiny world of acid-powered rockets

A new acid-powered micro-rocket could be used to deliver drugs within the human body. The micro-rocket works by converting…
How hard can it be getting an object from A to B at great speed? KARI/HANDOUT

Rocket science isn’t rocket science, if you get my thrust

You know, it’s odd being a rocket scientist. The people you meet assume you’re not just smart, but some super-colossal paragon of intelligence with the wits of an atomic lovechild of Albert Einstein and…

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