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There is still almost no serious discussion of the “Nordic Model” for prostitution in Australia. adaptorplug

Buying sex should be banned in Australia

Imagine a scenario where prostitution is not restricted or sanctioned but buying sex is banned. Could such an approach work in Australia? It already has elsewhere, and the evidence suggests it’s worth…
The writing was on the wall for some in city licensing review. Andy Bell

Police attitude to sex saunas is wrong, bizarre and dangerous

Scottish police were forced to issue a statement that they did “not advocate the banning of condoms” after a BBC report, which ran under the headline “Police ask for condom ban in Edinburgh saunas”, said…
A monument to a sex worker in Amsterdam. Is it time the media discourse around sex workers in society changed? mo's

Dehumanising sex workers: what’s ‘prostitute’ got to do with it?

Melbourne sex worker Tracy Connelly was brutally murdered in her van last week. In a sad irony, Connelly was killed metres from where sex workers and their allies demonstrated their support for a global…
Some people need assistance and support to express their sexuality in satisfying ways. Image from

Why the NDIS should cover the services of sex workers

Sexual expression is a fundamental part of being human, with most of us able to choose our sexual partners and, to varying degrees, meet our intimacy needs and desires. While not all people with disabilities…
The regulation of sex work needs to be based on solid evidence and with the participation of sex workers. AAP/Dean Lewins

Evidence not morality should guide sex work policy

The sexual revolution happened in the late 1960s, so it seems insane that so-called western liberal democracies still appear to have major hang-ups about sex. This is especially true when it comes to commercialised…
Support workers need better access to brothels such as this one in Melbourne, where an underaged sex worker was employed. AAP/Julian Smith

Re-opening the prostitution debate: it’s time to make women safer

France is the latest European country to aim for a “society without prostitution”. The proposal to make it a crime to purchase any sexual service (alongside Sweden, Norway and Iceland) has stimulated public…
FIFO sex workers shouldn’t be blamed for rising rates of HIV and STIs. High heel image from

Mining, sex work and STIs: why force a connection?

Can the mining boom be blamed for the rising rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in some states? The Australian Medical Association thinks so, with its Queensland president Dr Richard Kidd…
Fiona Patten is President of the Australian Sex Party and CEO of sex industry lobby group the EROS Foundation. AAP/Julian Smith

Political party or lobby group? The dark side of the Australian Sex Party

“Vote for more sex!” Walking through the party pamphleteers to vote in Melbourne last week felt more like passing through a light-hearted student union ballot than a tightly contested state by-election…
Two-thirds more men than women have been paid for sex in Australia, and all sex workers have rights. Jason Pier in DC

Make room for sex workers in the sisterhood … and don’t forget men

When one reads an opinion piece littered with references to “liberal elites”, it is usually a safe bet that one is reading an inherently conservative point of view dressed up to look progressive. So it…

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