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ASX took a wrong bet with Blockchain.

What next for the ASX and Blockchain in 2017?

What a difference a year makes. In January 2016, ASX was bathing in the warm glow of having been acclaimed by Blythe Masters, an American super saleswoman and head of a Blockchain start-up called Digital…
Research suggests Twitter trends can accurately forecast stock market changes.

How twitter informs the stock market

On April 23, the US stock market suddenly lost 1.5% of its value after news of an attack on the White House quickly spread from the (hacked) Twitter account of the Associated Press news agency. Within…

High-frequency trading a zero-sum game

The speed increase of stock trading from microseconds to nanoseconds leads to an increase in order cancellations and is otherwise…
Rupert Murdoch wields enormous influence, but is subject to little accountability. AAP

For News shareholders, it’s Rupert’s way or the highway

Rupert Murdoch recently told owners of 62% of the equity in News Corporation that they had no business in corporate decision-making. The company employees in excess of 50,000 people and has revenues of…
Foster’s chairman David Crawford is under pressure from a hostile bid from SABMiller. AAP

It’s hard to see why shareholders won’t ditch Foster’s

If I were a shareholder in Foster’s, which is facing a hostile takeover bid from global brewer SABMiller, there are three questions that I would ask myself before deciding whether to sell my stake. First…

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