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South Korea’s subtly calibrated risk aversion in the face of outrageous North Korean aggression has kept the two countries from war. EPA/KCNA

Is the world really sleepwalking to war? Systems thinking can provide an answer

An aggressive posture is one thing – but doing something about it is another, as countries factor in the costs and risks of aggression.
Suited up to simulate the conditions of working outside on Mars. Jonathan Clarke (the author, left) with visiting engineer Michael Curtis-Rouse, from UK Space Agency (right). Jonathan Clarke personal collection

Dear diary: another day in the life on Mars

One of the best ways to find out the challenges of living on Mars is to simulate living on another planet here on Earth. So what's it like to spend several months living the Martian life?
Apple’s newest mobile operating system may play havoc with your vestibular system. ohhector

Does iOS 7 make you ill? Give ‘simulator sickness’ the heave

If you feel slightly nauseated while using your iPhone or iPad, you’re not alone: you join a number of people reporting that the zooming, sliding and 3D effects of Apple’s new mobile operating system…

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