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Phones out, but today’s students are less likely to have Facebook or Twitter open. Phones image via

So long social media: the kids are opting out of the online public square

Young people are starting to skip the very public postings of some of social media's original platforms. Why? And where will that leave the companies that rely on our willingness to divulge everything?
Our friends influence us to be healthier – or, more likely, unhealthier. Tina Leggio/Flickr

How your friends affect your health

Think about your five closest friends. What do they care about? You should choose your friends wisely, because they can have a big influence on your health.
Easing your path to lending. Thomas Hawk

How to bump up your credit score

One day, your Facebook posts and Tweets might convince lenders to drop you some cash. Until then, here are five simple ways to help open up the bank vaults.
If people really want to create a social movement to counter terrorism, we should expand our reach offline. Reuters/Darren Whiteside

Indonesia needs more than hashtags to defy terror

Indonesians reacted defiantly on social media after the bombings and shootings in Jakarta last week. But how effective is the response on social media in countering terrorism?
There’s already a lot you can say on Twitter in 140 characters. Flickr/Manuel Schmalstieg

What’s up with Twitter, in fewer than 10,000 characters

Much of the way people use Twitter has been determined by the users of the social media giant. So why all the upset at talk of allowing tweets beyond the current 140 character limit?
He’s tweeted, Instagrammed and Facebooked, but will he get what he wants? Shutterstock

You could be suffering from FoMO this Christmas

Social media can amplify the fear of missing out, or FoMO, but it can also be a platform for emotional support during the festive season.

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