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One mouthful and you’re closer to exceeding your daily sugar allowance. jenny downing/Flickr

How ‘hidden’ sugars are pushing up your daily dose

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released draft revised guidelines on daily sugar intake for adults and children. But if people are to follow the WHO’s advice, they need to start thinking about…
The World Health Organisation is considering halving its recommendation that sugars make up 10% of your diet. Flickr/happy via

Sweet enough? Separating fact from fiction in the sugar debate

Forget lemon detox diets and soup fasts, sugar-free was the fad diet choice of 2013. But while it’s wise to limit the foods and drinks you consume that contain added sugars, this doesn’t mean you need…
It’s the quantity of sugar we consume that’s bad for us. Carol Green

Health check: five sweeteners and what they mean for you

People have been eating sweet foods for eons. Fruit (fructose), milk (lactose), cane (sucrose), and honey (fructose and glucose) provide us with energy for growth and development. But in these days, we…
Sugar rush: the new culprit du jour. Jennie Ives

Sugar hysteria won’t solve the obesity puzzle

Obesity is on the increase. And so are the numbers of theories all blaming different offenders. Culprit of the month is sugar, with researchers arguing that high levels of sugar in fizzy drinks, sweets…
Too much sugar is harmful to your health but it’s not the only driver of obesity. joshbousel

Silent killer or occasional treat? Settling the debate on sugar

Forty years ago, British nutritionist John Yudkin wrote a book about sugar. Titled Pure, White and Deadly, Yudkin argued that consumption of sugar, not fat, was driving the epidemic of heart disease. But…

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High sugar levels come at a cost to health

New research suggests that more sugar in the body could damage the elastic proteins that help the body breathe and pump blood…