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EPA/Rolex Dela Pena

Is an effective United Nations still the only hope?

Bombing Syria seems to have become obligatory for any aspiring great power. After all, what’s the point in spending all that money on sophisticated warplanes if you can’t actually use them on someone…
New horizons. The immense refugee camp at Zaatari in Jordan. REUTERS/Pool

Rethinking refugee camps: turning boredom into innovation

Away from the chaos of Europe's borders, refugees are camped out in vast settlements close to their home countries and where restrictions on entrepreneurship are wasting talent and energy.
Moroccan woman Samira Yerou is arrested at Barcelona airport in March on suspicion of attempting to join IS militants in Syria. REUTERS/Spanish Interior Ministry/Handout via Reuters

How narratives around violent women warp our view of female jihadis

Western media tropes of black widows, deviant sexuality and unthinking compliance fail to explain why violence crosses the gender divide.

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