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Are the right people at the table to ensure global tax reform benefits everyone? Gates Foundation/Flickr

Developing nations need more than words from G20 tax reform

Tax reform is squarely on the agenda for the G20 Brisbane summit in November. The current international tax regime is broken and it’s going to take significant effort on a global scale to fix it. In a…
The Palmer United Party, including new Senator Jacqui Lambie, is unlikely to support unpopular but necessary tax reform. Lukas Coch/AAP

The new Senate looms as a disaster for tax reform

It’s unlikely “The Political Sayings of Malcolm Fraser” is a well-thumbed volume in Tony Abbott’s library. Yet this week, in the wake of the Senate throwing his government’s budget plans into disarray…
Go on Joe, raise the GST. Daniel Munoz/AAP

Raise the GST: the conversation we have to have?

With eight months left on his contract, Treasury Secretary Martin Parkinson decided to jump into the GST debate on Wednesday night. In a speech to the Sydney Institute, Parkinson declared the federal budget…
Resource tax reform could solve the problem of an ageing population. But is the current government brave enough to do it? Sourced from

Ageing population and mining: a tale of two booms

In an unusual move, Mission Australia and the Business Council of Australia recently co-authored a piece calling for a mature and open conversation about tax reform. They join a chorus of voices, from…
There is an argument that government spending can create economic growth the private sector won’t provide. Image sourced from

Putting the cart before the horse in the debate over fiscal policy

The economic debate during the election period has centred on the costings of the proposed policies of the major parties. Unfortunately what little “debate” we’ve seen has become a bit like a black hole…
The 2013 G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governor’s Meeting in Moscow resulted in a global roadmap to help combat corporate tax evasion. AAP

What does the G20 actually do?

Presumably, you have now read all about what on earth the G20 is, and you care deeply. But what does it actually do? The aim of the G20 is clear. The 2009 G20 Framework for Strong, Sustainable, and Balanced…
Small tax, or Big Picture? Labor wants to be seen as low taxing, but are actually big spending reformists. AAP

Has Labor’s tax aversion left them on the verge of electoral defeat?

Regardless of the result of the next election, the ALP will hold an inquiry into what went wrong. How on earth, they will ask, could a government presiding over low unemployment, low inflation, low levels…
The kind of tax reform being called for by groups such as the Business Council of Australia can only come about if politics and vested interests are put aside.

Meaningful tax reform? Only if everything is on the table

There can be no dispute with last week’s call from the Business Council of Australia for meaningful tax reform. This is a larger issue than both the looming budget and September’s election. However, it…
If petrol prices are relatively low, why worry about burning the stuff? David Neubert

Gas guzzlers fuelled by shrinking petrol tax

An iron law of economics is that people respond to incentives. If the petrol price goes up, it should be of little surprise that consumers alter their choices at both the petrol pump and the car dealership…
The case for significant, productivity-enhancing tax reform has been made by the Henry Review - but the challenge will be for meaningful reform not to swallowed by pre-election noise. AAP

Chance for meaningful tax reform recedes in looming election hue and cry

Reform of Australia’s taxation system has to be high on the agenda to raise national productivity, for greater simplicity, and to improve equity. However, because of the magnitude of the challenges to…
Re-run: if the US fiscal cliff has the same feel as last year’s debt ceiling crisis, we’re not surprised…

2012, the year that was: Business and Economy

Different year, same crisis. Around this time last year, the United States was looking down the barrel of economic disaster with the debt ceiling. As we approach 2013, it peers over the fiscal cliff. That…

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