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Even the tallest infrastructure creeks under flood pressure. Derek Harper

What use are apps when your web infrastructure is underwater?

According to Ofcom, 80% of adults in the UK had access to the internet in 2013 and each spent about 35 hours online each month. And half of all adults in the UK access the web using their mobile phones…
JK Shin unveils the latest Samsung Galaxy phone. samsungtomorrow

Many phones, little innovation at Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World congress in Barcelona is the largest mobile phone exhibition in the technology calendar and is the place to see the new mobile technologies that will be attempting to claim your money…
Hi I’m Mark and I’m new here, but I want to shake things up. Ludovic Toinel

Mobile operators needn’t fear big spender Zuckerberg

With Facebook eyeing mobile internet, it is no accident that Mark Zuckerberg is making a much-publicised appearance at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. In attendance are executives from…
Mark Zuckerberg certainly thinks so. Patrick Denker

WhatsApp has everything Facebook needs to survive

Facebook has made a play for the mobile market by buying WhatsApp in what should be seen as a significant sign of the times. Desktop computing is the past and mobile access is the future. Facebook knows…
Huawei’s technology HQ in Shenzen. Brücke-Osteuropa

Keeping tabs on Huawei raises awkward questions for everyone

In its often fractious dealings with western governments, Chinese tech giant Huawei has been repeatedly accused of being a proxy for government espionage and other practices unbecoming of a global corporation…
BlackBerry smartphones, nice but too late. Achmad Ibrahim/AP

BlackBerry #fail shows perpetual dilemma of tech innovators

It is now well known that successful companies often have an annoying habit of missing the next big thing. Harvard’s Clayton Christensen coined it the innovator’s dilemma. He also produced advice on how…
Consumers are excited about the launch of the iPhone 5S - but the pricing game means bargains are unlikely. AAP

In the game of iPhone pricing, consumers are the losers

Game theory is a branch of strategic decision making that tries to predict how players in any strategic game are likely to act. It can be applied in many situations and it can also help to explain what…
Workers install a fibre optic cable for the government’s National Broadband Network (NBN).

FactCheck: will the NBN take another 20 years to complete?

“At the current rate of roll-out, the National Broadband Network (NBN) won’t cover the whole country for 20 years.” – Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, National Press Club, 11 August. The above claim on the…
The glory days. Nokia’s 8250 and the iconic 3210. Brad Scruse

In an escalation of commitment, Nokia becomes Microsoft

Microsoft’s takeover of Nokia’s mobile phone division won’t come as much of a surprise to anyone who has kept an eye on the pair for any length of time. Two years ago, the two companies decided to collaborate…
The US and Finland: united by ice hockey and not much else. RicLaf

Microsoft-Nokia culture clash will be tough to overcome

Among Western nations it would be difficult to find two cultures as different as the US and Finland. Americans are stereotypically confident and outgoing; Finns considerably more reserved. This is even…
Vodafone has money to burn. Steve Parsons/PA

Vodafone misses opportunity to reinvest Verizon proceeds

It’s the biggest corporate deal in more than a decade. Since the AOL-TimeWarner and the Mannesmann-Vodafone deals at the turn of the century, no transaction has come close to the US$130 billion involved…
Lily Cole contemplates BlackBerry options. Matt Crossick/PA

BlackBerry has a future, but it’s not in handsets

The news that BlackBerry is considering “strategic alternatives”, including a possible sale, will come as no surprise to anyone who has followed its decline in recent years. Once a smartphone pioneer…
BT is the new player. Nick Potts/PA

Kick off for BT’s big bet on television sport

Premier League fans will find their viewing experience complicated by the arrival of BT Sport this season, and there has been much public scrutiny of who will screen which matches and for how much. On…

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Satellite phones vulnerable to eavesdropping

Satellite telephones used by military and emergency relief organisations and usually considered secure from eavesdropping…