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Completed in 2009, Citi Field is the home of the New York Mets – and part of a recent wave of new ballparks. Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Stadium design: baseball’s saving grace?

TV ratings are down, but the rebirth of the ballpark could be a reason that the sport still boasts the highest total attendance of any in the world.
Wolf Hall is based on historical events – but its producers don’t claim to be telling a true story. BBC/Company Productions Ltd

Historical fiction on TV is equally about the here and now

Historical representation is far more complex than merely providing the facts – which is why debate continues to rage about the authenticity of popular televised historical dramas such as Game of Thrones and Banished.
The latest season of Orange is the New Black is currently screening on Showcase – but do female showrunners get treated in the same way as their male counterparts? Showcase

Orange is the New Black, True Detective and the gender problem on prestige TV

There's more prestige than ever on our screens – but there's also gender problem both in terms of the reception of female-centred shows – and the treatment of female creator-showrunners.
The government is attempting to push community television off air and online. Wikimedia

Community TV’s last stand from the government’s spectrum grab

Community TV in Australia is under threat because of plans to hand over extra broadcast spectrum to the commercial networks. But they don't even need that spectrum to test any new technologies.
Kenneth Branagh stars as the much-loved detective Wallander in the British TV adaptation of Henning Mankell’s crime novels. Courtesy of Leftbank Pictures

At the end of the Wallander era, Nordic Noir has come into its own

Nordic Noir fans are currently indulging in a prolonged festival of Scandinavian culture. The SBS and the ABC are both broadcasting Wallander, the Swedish and British television series based on crime novelist…

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