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Chicago has encouraged green roofs to reduce water runoff and energy consumption in buildings. Sookie/flickr

Why cities are a rare good news story in climate change

Mayors from the around the world are at the Vatican to discuss climate change, a global issue that's proving to be most effectively addressed at the local level.
The papal encyclical challenges leaders to take action on climate change. AAP/Fabrizio Belluschi

Pope Francis throws down the gauntlet for Paris climate summit

The immediate importance of the Pope Francis' encyclical comes from its potential to influence world leaders and galvanise the developing world ahead of the Paris Climate Conference this year.
New Pope Francis I has a controversial past in his home country. EPA/Andrea Solero

Pope Francis I’s murky past in Argentina

Today Australia woke up to its first Latin American and Jesuit pope. Although apparently being second choice behind the former pope Benedict when he was elected in 2005, Pope Francis I was seen as an outside…
Cardinals in the Sistine Chapel before the start of the conclave in the Vatican to elect the next Pope. EPA/Osservatore Romano

Cardinal numbers: what in God’s name is happening in the Sistine Chapel?

This morning, Australian Catholics awoke to the news that black smoke billowed from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel. The seat remains vacant, there is no Pope. By now many of us will have learned through…
The Pope’s decision to allow Anglicans into the Catholic Church may be the first step on the way to a unified church. EPA/Alessandro Di Meo

A unified Church? Pope gives hope to Anglo-Catholics

In his first message on becoming Pope, Benedict XVI said the impelling duty of the successor of Peter was “to work tirelessly to rebuild the full and visible unity of all Christ’s followers”. “Concrete…

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