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There is also strong public understanding of the benefits that flow from research undertaken in partnership between universities and other organisations. Shutterstock

Margaret Gardner: freezing university funding is out of step with the views of most Australians

The freeze on university funding not only limits opportunities for students, it puts limitations on the communities unis serve, the economy, and business interested in forming collaborations.
Under a demand driven system, poor students are finding more opportunities to attend university. from

Uncapping of university places has not failed disadvantaged students

While on the face of it a 1.5% increase in the number of disadvantaged students going to university might seem minimal, in real terms this is genuinely significant.
University is no longer just a place for high achievers. AAP/Julian Smith

Uncapped uni places may be the death of the ATAR obsession

Each December we celebrate students who achieved an ATAR Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of 99.95. In January, we are awed by what you need to study subjects such as medicine, or horrified that…
As they get more crowded, Australian universities want greater control over the fees they charge. AAP/Julian Smith

Monash VC calls for fee deregulation in universities

Giving universities the power to charge more for their top courses would ensure they could offer a “premium” education…
As university offers increase, the proportion of lower performing school leavers who take them will rise sharply. Flickr/Barack Obama

University standards at risk from low performing school leavers

The proportion of low performing school leavers who enter university is likely to rise sharply from this year, potentially…

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