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Beyond the gender wage gap there is a problem of persistent underemployment. Pexels

What we miss when we focus on the gender wage gap

Focusing on the gender wage gap means we don't address increasing insecure work. Women face both higher unemployment and underemployment rates than men.
The report says young people are much more likely to be in casual and part-time work than at the turn of the century. Julian Smith/AAP

Youth underemployment at four-decade peak: Brotherhood report

Underemployment among young people is now at its highest in the 40 years since it has been officially counted, according to a report from the Brotherhood of St Laurence released on Monday.
Despite the prominence given to underemployment, ‘overemployment’ is more pervasive in Australia. AAP/Julian Smith

Push for longer hours makes headlines, but more Australians want to work less

Australia's labour market does a relatively good job of accommodating the preferences of the majority of workers. But that's not to say there's no-one who wouldn't prefer to work more – or less.
Intergenerational mentoring benefits both older and younger colleagues, as well as their employers. Marcin Balcerzak/from

Tackling hidden issues for older workers delivers wide-ranging returns

Many hidden obstacles confront Australia's older workers, so what workplace changes can be made to maximise the benefits and reduce the problems of an ageing population?
It’s worth contemplating what’s really driving Australia’s unemployment rate. Metro Centric/Flickr

Don’t believe the unemployment rate? Here’s what’s happening

The unemployment rate is one of the most closely followed macroeconomic indicators. Of importance in its own right, it tells us about the level of spare capacity in the economy and provides information…
Rising unemployment is likely to be a factor in future interest rate movements. AAP Image/Joe Castro

Spectre of rising unemployment to weigh on rates decision

The key question for interest rates this month is whether improving domestic demand will curb the increasing rate of unemployment and underemployment, or whether labour market weakness will persist. The…
Both leaders were non-specific when asked underemployment during the 2013 Peoples Forum. AAP

Rudd, Abbott, bring on the plan for more ‘middle class’ jobs

Jobs growth is a centrepiece political promise for both political parties but nothing has been said on what type of jobs these will be. At least President Obama told Americans in his 2013 State of the…
Don’t bust out the champagne yet: not everyone will be able to afford it. Toni Blay

Recovery may not be enough to fix unemployment

With economic “green shoots” appearing, you might expect to see improvements in the labour market, with higher wages and lower unemployment. But don’t get the champagne out just yet: this crisis isn’t…

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