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It can take more than three years for a public servant to climb back to their same level of pay after losing their job. Alex Proimos/Flickr

When public servants lose jobs it takes years to get back on track

By 2017, some 16,500 public servants will have lost their jobs, or have been shuffled into other positions within the public service, in the government’s ongoing drive for budget savings. The long-standing…
The Australian Bureau of Statistics has become a political football. Alan Porritt/AAP

Hockey plays the ABS blame game, while unemployment hovers

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has come under attack for the perceived lack of reliability of its labour force statistics, particularly the unemployment rate. The unemployment rate is one of…
It’s worth contemplating what’s really driving Australia’s unemployment rate. Metro Centric/Flickr

Don’t believe the unemployment rate? Here’s what’s happening

The unemployment rate is one of the most closely followed macroeconomic indicators. Of importance in its own right, it tells us about the level of spare capacity in the economy and provides information…
The picture of Australia’s economy right now is murky. PSJeremy/Flickr

Economic outlook in Australia remains murky

The CAMA RBA Shadow Board is a project by the Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis, based at the ANU, which asks industry and academic economists what interest rate the Reserve Bank of Australia should…
Thanks to language, many people despise economists. Lafayette College/Flickr

Unemployed or lazy? Economists know better

Every scientific discipline has its own language, largely to save time when conversing with others from the same discipline. For instance, in trigonometry it’s much easier to talk about the “hypotenuse…
Tony’s Abbott’s pre-election jobs promise sounds impressive, but it’s actually under trend. AAP/Lukas Coch

Why Abbott’s two million jobs promise isn’t as good as it sounds

Creating more jobs is a rather common promise in politics. Some politicians are more daring in pledging to create a certain number of jobs within a given period of time. During the 2013 electoral campaign…
Where will the new jobs come from? le Haricot/Flickr. Artist credit: George Segal

Employment policy and job creation – some practical solutions

(COMMENTS UPDATED) In the lead up to last year’s federal election, the government promised two million new jobs within 10 years. Its focus was on the “five pillar economy” of manufacturing, agriculture…
The government incentivises workers to relocate for a job, but is it incentivising the right workers? Faisal Akram/Flickr

Moving for work: not the panacea the government seeks

As a policy response to unemployment and structural change, incentives for workers to relocate in search of work have been pushing higher up the policy agenda. This has been the trend since the World Bank’s…
Rates should stay steady for now, say CAMA economists. Dan Peled/AAP

Call likely to grow louder for interest rates to rise

The CAMA RBA Shadow Board is a project by the Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis, based at the ANU, which asks industry and academic economists what interest rate the Reserve Bank of Australia should…
The probability of receiving a work for the dole pilot is much higher in non-marginal electorates, regardless of the level of actual youth unemployment. AAP/Julian Smith

Safe seats are more likely to have a work for the dole pilot

In July, the federal government will begin a series of pilot programs for its work for the dole scheme across Australia. All job seekers aged 18 to 30 who have been unemployed for more than a year and…
More than one-third of unemployed people are aged 15 to 24, a critical period in their lives. luxorphoto/Shutterstock

Unemployment is hitting youth hard: this is what we should do

Australia came out of the global financial crisis better than most industrialised countries, but did not escape altogether. With a weaker economy, the unemployment rate rose from about 4% to 6% between…
Australia should be proud of its high minimum wage. atomicjeep/Flickr

Australian business gets a good deal from the minimum wage

Last week Australia’s Fair Work Commission increased the national minimum wage to A$16.87 an hour from 1 July, 2014. The usual suspects rolled out the usual arguments denouncing this initiative, and Treasurer…
Many people prefer casual work and a phased approach to retirement. Shutterstock

If we are to work to 70, we need to rethink work

The norm of permanent full-time terms of employment is under serious challenge. In Australia today more than one-third of employed people work on more variable terms – in particular as casuals (19%), independent…

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