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In the developed world, people who regularly inject drugs are most at risk of being infected with hepatitis C. AAP

Repeat offender: the strange comings and goings of hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a blood-borne virus that infects about 3% of the world’s population. It’s a significant cause of both illness and death due to cirrhosis (advanced liver scarring) and liver cancer. By the…
Preventing infection with the Hendra virus remains the most effective measure against the virus. AAP

Hold your horses: Hendra treatment is no panacea

Queensland authorities came under attack yesterday for being unprepared for a Hendra virus outbreak after it was found that they’d only stocked 15 doses of virus antibodies. But the case for stocking up…
Vaccines are history’s best public health tools but developing countries give low priority to health in their budgets. AAP

Gus Nossal: we can win the war against infectious disease, and here’s how

The Lancet, one of most prestigious medical journals in the world recently published a series of five papers on “the new decade of vaccines”. These were followed by a sixth paper – A call to action for…
With a bacterial base, liquid vaccines could be produced quickly and at low cost. Flickr/hdptcar

Edible vaccines could help eradicate disease in the developing world

Twenty years after his discovery that peptic ulcers were caused by a bacteria called Helicobacter pylori, Nobel Prize winner Barry Marshall is using the same bacteria as the base of an edible vaccine that…
A person harmed while helping the community attain herd immunity should be compensated. AAP

Ending the vaccine blame game: time for a no-fault compensation scheme

When someone is adversely affected by a vaccine in Australia, their only way to receive compensation is through the courts. But this is not the case worldwide. Vaccines undergo rigorous testing to ensure…

New approach to cancer vaccines

An international team of scientists has used DNA from healthy cells have been used to create a cancer vaccine to treat prostate…

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