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This amazing photo even shows the four Galilean moons around Jupiter: Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. Kevin Baird/Flickr

Jupiter and Venus brush cheeks in the night sky

Look up tonight and you'll see a stunning conjunction of the two brightest planets in the night sky.
Not yet, but soon … we’re getting closer to sending people to Mars. Samantha T./Flickr

Near Earth and far away, it’s been an exciting year in space

It was an exciting year in space exploration, with mind-blowing triumphs and heart-breaking failures. On Earth, new rockets and spacecraft were tested by space agencies and commercial ventures. SpaceX…
Visualisation of Venus Express during the aerobraking manoeuvre into the atmosphere of Venus. ESA–C. Carreau

Venus Express is ready to dive into a hostile atmosphere

The Venus Express spacecraft has spent eight productive years orbiting the planet Venus and is now ready to take the plunge. Its orbit is slowly being lowered and from Wednesday it will repeatedly dive…
Understanding Venus’ atmosphere helps us understand Earth’s past, present, and a potential future. Keith Mosley

What Venus has taught us about protecting the ozone layer

SAVING THE OZONE: Part six in our series exploring the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer – dubbed “the world’s most successful environmental agreement” – looks at the atmosphere…
The 8km-high volcano, Maat Mons, is only one of the reasons to head back to Venus. NASA/JPL

Venus calling – let’s return to the planet of love

Last week the world stopped to watch as the black disc of Venus inched its way across the face of the sun. But beyond the transits that capture our attention roughly twice per century, Venus has always…
Time to shine, Venus: the 2004 transit as seen from Hong Kong. Wikimedia Commons

Venus nears its moment in the sun, but what’s a transit anyway?

As you’re reading this, people all over the world are gearing up to witness this century’s final transit of Venus. Over a period of around six hours and 40 minutes tomorrow, from early morning until the…

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