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We’re not all batting for a century

Most people do not want to live to 100 years old, according to new Australian National University research.

Half of the 50-89 year olds involved in the study predicted an average life expectancy for themselves of 85 years.

Greater life expectancy is associated to better mental and physical health, positive social networks and living parents.

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  1. Bronislaw Tabaczynski

    Senior Travel Consultant

    Personally, if it were even remotely possible to live a lot longer, say a millennium, I would jump at it. There would of course be a few provisos, memory would probably be uppermost.

  2. Paula Rose

    logged in via Twitter

    What about people aged below 50? People (in middle class Australia) who haven't seen a great depression? The generations who haven't lived through actual tough times - how they would respond to such a question.

  3. read column


    this article could go off into multiple directions. to think (actually you dont think until you are reminded) i only have approx 30 yrs left and knowing how fast the last 30 has been is frightening....would you do it differently as the usual Q is put forward...i think yes for most . but what would i advise fellow readers....i have sweated over the small stuff in life and wasted precious energy, time, sleep, experienced undue stress, and i still do...dont you?...why? because you cant view a crystal ball and secure a positive outcome...only your brain can imagine xxxxoutcomes which are mostly do we anaethetise the imagination ....god einstien said 'imagination is more important than knowledge'. Imagine if you could start again.How about tomorrow...its not too late.