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Young people at higher risk of death after jail time

A study conducted jointly by University of Melbourne and University of Queensland researchers has reported that the risk of death for people leaving prison is more than four times greater than that of people in the wider community.

The study also found an increase in risk of death after leaving prison was greatest for young people aged 18-24. The risk of death for male ex-prisoners in this age group was around six times higher than it was for young males in the wider community. Female ex-prisoners in the 18-24 age group were 20 times more likely to die than were other young women in the wider community.

The majority of these deaths were due to drug-related causes or suicide.

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  1. Lynne Newington


    This is tragic, I wonder why there's been no comments on this issue.
    It came home to me just recently when taking documents to be signed in my local Magistrates Court.
    A young man who had been caught up in a situation he couldn't get his head around was in such a state of mind he was shaking all over and so isolated from reality, it was frightening.
    After offering him what I could towards the problem which didn't fit in with the process, in time we were able to reconcile him by having a magistrate take care of it, giving him time to breathe.
    How wonderful we have compassionate Registrar's, I wonder if they're all like that?