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A letter from Beth Daley

Dear Conversation US reader,

I am thrilled to join this nonprofit journalism organization so singular in our nation’s crowded media landscape.

The Conversation US plays an indispensable role in our democracy by allowing true experts – academics – to explain and analyze the world around us based on their research. They do this with the guidance of our expert team of editors steeped in the best practices of fact-based, compelling journalism.

Beth Daley, Editor and General Manager. CC BY

We inform millions of people every week through a republishing network that stretches from The Washington Post to Fox News to the tiny Punxsutawney Spirit in Pennsylvania and in hundreds of other print and online publications.

That we fulfill so important and unique a role is a stunning accomplishment because The Conversation US was launched only four years ago. It is due to the hard and thoughtful work of our staff, authors and Board of Trustees. Special thanks is due in particular to Maria Balinska, outgoing Editor, who has moved to England to be Executive Director of the US-UK Fulbright Commission.

The Conversation’s impact and growth so far could not have happened without the support of our member universities and the many charitable foundations that believe in our mission. It would also not be possible without your readership and contributions. Thank you.

But most exciting is what our future can be. We are in a time of dislocating change in the nation, and in journalism. Our future will see us explore new opportunities to increase our impact and reach - getting our vital content to more people in innovative ways, and laying the tinder to spark spirited discussions. Our democracy depends on it.

I’m eager to roll up my sleeves and dig in to begin working with our talented team. I’m looking forward to having conversations with all our partners to grow and strengthen The Conversation US for the long term.

My very best,
Editor and General Manager, The Conversation US

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