Health beyond the horizon

Health beyond the horizon

A week filming in Mongolia: local change-maker to bring global change.

NCDFREE is a global social movement against the world’s leading cause of death: NCDs (or Non-Communicable Diseases). Founded earlier this year, NCDFREE sets out to change the way societies world-wide think about diabetes, heart disease, cancers, lung diseases and mental health (NCDs).

But also the way we communicate them.

You see, when people think of these diseases, they think of old, fat people in rich countries. Actually, 80% of disease occurs in the world’s poorest nations, where the burden is rapidly rising.

The true face of the global epidemic is in fact, likely to be Asian, below 70, female and impoverished.


Rapid change is occuring.

“And although this all represents important and needed progress for Mongolia” describes Byambaa, “it has also brought major changes in the health of the population”. As infectious diseases and childhood illnesses dive - obesity, hypertension and NCDs have skyrocketed.


Byambaa is confident - in the future and in the health trajectory of her nation.

Spend much time with her, and you will be confident too.

She sees great potential in her colleagues and peers, and tells of a young generation that is very different from the one before. One that is globally connected, globally educated and passionate for change in their country.

Change that will not only see a continuation of economic prosperity and development, but one that will also empower and enable a population to live healthier and longer lives. Free from chronic, debilitating disease.


Well, we’ve been here a week and today we’re finishing up. Packing away the cameras and with it, footage of nomadic families, Ulaanbaatar’s poorest districts, the beautiful countryside, the generous locals, the rapidly transforming city and the optimism of a young generation.

Footage which will not only show a stunning and fascinating journey of a young leader and passionate health-promoter, but also rally a global community to action on a group of largely ignored, mostly-preventable yet highly deadly diseases.



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