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The ABC has been criticised for offering rolling 24-hour news, but chairman James Spigelman says the ABC must deliver a comprehensive service. ABC

Commercial media can’t satisfy Australian audiences: new ABC chair

The ABC’s new chairman, James Spigelman, has rejected claims the broadcaster should steer clear of the audiences already…
The ABC has nothing to fear from an Abbott government, Malcolm Turnbull says. AAP

Turnbull says trust in ABC ‘crucial’ as newspapers fall

Shadow communications minister Malcolm Turnbull says the ABC will take on a crucial role as a source of well-funded, independent…
Fairfax Media needs a patron - and the one on offer is Gina Rinehart. AAP

Fairfax is broke and dying before our eyes - it needs Gina

Every business needs paying customers. Who those paying customers are varies from business to business. The single largest paying customer for Australian universities, for example, is the federal government…
The Convergence review’s final recommendations have fallen short when it comes to Australian content. AAP/Dean Lewins

Convergence Review: missed opportunity with Australian content

The Convergence Review Final Report released yesterday appears at first blush to promise major changes to the Australian media landscape. The report flags the creation of a new communications regulator…
Mark Scott, managing director of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. AAP/Alan Porritt

Mark Scott on the future of your ABC

Welcome to In Conversation, our series of discussions between leading academics and major public figures in Australian life. In this instalment, Mark Scott, managing director of the Australian Broadcasting…
The way the Federal Government has handled the Australia Network tender could see it forced to pay compensation to Sky News. AAP

Is the Federal Government legally liable for treating Sky News unfairly?

The Australian Government’s handling of just who should run the Australia Network is manifestly controversial. And it may have put itself in the position of having to pay out compensation to the passed-over…

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