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Mick Tsikas/AAP

Adam Bandt elected unopposed as new Greens leader

The Greens’ only House of Representatives member, Adam Bandt, is the party’s new leader, elected unanimously after Richard Di Natale’s decision to leave parliament. Bandt, 47, has held the inner city seat…
Past and present: Bob Brown (centre) pictured in 2010 with Greens colleagues including current leader Richard Di Natale (right). AAP Image/Alan Porritt

The Australian Greens at 25: fighting the same battles but still no breakthrough

The environmental issues we face are ideal recruiting for green parties, but the breakthroughs aren't happening, and after 25 years as a federal party the Greens are still fighting on the same fronts.
As both a word and an idea, ‘medieval’ carries centuries of connotation of a murky and brutal pre-scientific age. US Fish & Wildlife Service/Swanson Scott

So hot right now: the Middle Ages in the climate change debate

“Medieval” has become the accusation du jour in Australian domestic politics, used with equal conviction across the spectrum to discredit opponents’ views. One debate where this accusation has taken centre…
Christine Milne’s leadership has come under tension, with the Greens sole lower house MP Adam Bandt seen by many as her likely successor. AAP/Lukas Coch

Milne, leadership and the future of the Greens

When explaining the recent departure of six senior members from her 16-strong office, Christine Milne, the parliamentary leader of the Australian Greens, dismissed this as a fairly routine occurrence…
Labor shouldn’t see the Greens as the enemy if they want to regain the power and standing they lost at the ballot box. AAP/Julian Smith

With friends like these: Labor hatred of the Greens is self-defeating

Over the weekend, the Labor Party seemed to embark on a media tantrum around their failure to recapture the seat of Melbourne from the Greens’ Adam Bandt. The local Victorian state member for Brunswick…
The Greens may have suffered a uniform swing against them overall, but they managed to retain their Senate and lower house representation. AAP/Joe Castro

Election 2013 brings a mixed result for the Greens

In the final days of the election campaign, Greens leader Christine Milne implored voters to “Abbott-proof” the Senate by voting Green on election day. Milne’s exhortation was, in many respects, an open…
The intractable asylum seeker issue has dominated Australian politics like no other recently. Where will it play most in the coming election? AAP/Paul Miller

Stop the votes: the seats where the asylum issue resonates most

The vexed issue of asylum seekers arriving by boat on Australian shores has dominated our political psyche for over a decade. Prime minister Kevin Rudd’s announcement shortly after returning to office…
Bandt AAP Image Julian Smith.

Reassessing Melbourne three years on

Kevin Rudd’s restoration to the ALP leadership may yet be an electoral game-changer as the polling day of September 7 fast approaches. Recent opinion polling suggests Labor’s primary vote has returned…
Adam Bandt celebrating his 2010 election success as the federal member for Melbourne. Julian Smith/AAP

In Conversation: Douglas Hilton and Adam Bandt MP

Adam Bandt is the first Australian Greens MP to win a seat in the House of Representatives at a federal election. And while the seat of Melbourne, which takes in the inner suburbs and CBD of the nation’s…
Adam Bandt is the first Australian Greens MP to win a seat in the House of Representatives at a federal election. Alan Porritt/AAP

Adam Bandt and Doug Hilton In Conversation - full transcript

Doug Hilton: I’m the director of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research and I have with me today Adam Bandt, the Greens’ member for Melbourne. Why don’t you start by outlining your background…
Now jailed former assistant director of the New South Wales Crime Commission Mark Standen is a key example of how corruption operates in Australia. AAP Image/Tracey Nearmy

Corrupting influences: does Australia need a National Integrity Commissioner?

The Australian Greens have proposed the introduction of a National Integrity Commission to provide an anti-corruption body operating at the federal level. Earlier this week, Greens MP Adam Bandt announced…

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