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Intelligent walls could soon help you navigate around public transport. Infostructure/Vinh Nguyen

The smart future of public transport

Can you imagine a public transport environment free from the complications of buying a ticket and validating it? What if fare evaders were automatically singled out for their faux pas? Or how about the…
A new generation of architects is needed to build our cities. Flickr/MorBCN

Building the future with the next generation of architects

The “future” is something which manifests nowhere more potently than in our cities. Yet a substantial transformation over the past twenty years in the way cities are being made – both in terms of their…
Living large down under - Australians love big houses. travelskerrick/flickr

Do you want size with that? The McMansion malaise

Australia has long prided itself on being an equal society, and for most of the 20th century our housing was a mirror of that value or belief. Almost all houses were single-storey detached and, with the…
Alice Springs’ many faces: the intervention, tourism, grog - and a housing crisis.

How Alice tackles its housing crisis now will shape its future

Each year for the last three years, I’ve taken a group of architecture students to Alice Springs for a 10-day urban design workshop. I first found myself in this city during Desert Mob – the annual sale…
Should we be acting on lessons from the Christchurch earthquake? Martin Hunter/AAPIMAGE

Reinforce your buildings, Australia, or see them crumble

February’s events in Christchurch brought people’s attention to the patently obvious: that old brick buildings collapse in large earthquakes. There is no shortage of past lessons regarding this fact…
Building away from our cities could ease congestion in urban areas. AAP

Escape from Sydney: planning the way out of congestion

Bashing planning has become a national sport, and in NSW, we’re the best at it. Stuck in traffic? Blame the planners. Housing stress? Planners are too slow and too stingy with land release. In the perception…

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