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The extinct Australian giant flightless bird, Genyornis newtoni. Used with permission; all other rights reserved. Jacob C. Blokland

New fossils show what Australia’s giant prehistoric ‘thunder birds’ looked like – and offer clues about how they died out

A recent find of an ancient giant bird’s skull has revealed much about its life among the vanished lakes and wetlands of inland South Australia.
Future geologists may wonder how this cow (native to Eurasia) found itself in a California wildfire. BettyBop / Shutterstock

The fossils being formed today will show how humankind disrupted life on Earth

Such massive disruptions have in the past been caused by volcanoes or meteorites. Only humans have done this with full awareness of their actions.
People have collected fossil horses throughout North America for centuries. Florida Museum/Mary Warrick

Horses lived in the Americas for millions of years – new research helps paleontologists understand the fossils we’ve found and those that are missing from the record

Horse fossils are abundant and widespread across North America. Scientists often use their long history to illustrate how species evolve in response to a changing environment.
Archaeopteryx and Hesperornis should be on the lists of any dino bird watcher.

A brief guide to birdwatching in the age of dinosaurs

If you love learning about dinosaurs don’t let crowdpleasers like the T Rex distract you from the fascinating birdlife that once roamed the Earth.
A replica fossil of the titanosaur Patagotitan, one of the largest dinosaurs ever discovered. It would have weighed about 70 tons (63.5 metric tons.) Spencer Platt/Getty Images News via Getty Images

Titanosaurs were the biggest land animals Earth’s ever seen − these plant-powered dinos combined reptile and mammal traits

Some of these giant vegetarians were as tall as a 3-story building. Microscopic analysis of their teeth, bones and eggshells reveals how they grew, what they ate and even their body temperature.

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