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Here’s a close-up picture of a head louse. The eggs of the female head louse are what we call ‘nits’.

Curious Kids: what’s the point of nits?!

We like to think that all creatures play a role in the local ecosystem. We’re especially interested in insects that provide a benefit for people too. But that’s not always how it is.
Head lice are an itchy problem to solve. But don’t panic, there are alternatives to insecticides. Cameron Webb

Here’s how you beat ‘indestructible’ head lice

New research confirms what many parents already know: head lice are getting harder to kill. How else can we control these itchy pests plaguing our playgrounds?
Getting infested children to sit still long enough to complete a treatment is probably more difficult than removing the head lice themselves. Vera Davai/AAP

Head lice infestations: don’t let back-to-school bloodsuckers drain your patience

Across the country, tiny blood-sucking parasites are settling in for the new school year. Head lice infestation, officially known as pediculosis, is common in primary school-aged children. But don’t worry…

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