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Jack Ma speaks at a meeting of the World Economic Forum Foundation in 2015. Jolanda Flubacher/World Economic Forum

China: rise of a new philanthropic power

From helping fight coronavirus to supporting education and biodiversity projects, China’s tech billionaires have moved boldly into philanthropy, continuing what is an ancient tradition.
He’s having a laugh: Jack Ma with the NYSE traders. Justin Lane/EPA

Alibaba feeding frenzy shows how little we have learnt

Greed is still good. Wall Street has just witnessed its largest ever stock market launch as Chinese internet giant Alibaba raised some $25 billion and watched its share price rise by 35% on its first day’s…
All a blur. The Alibaba IPO sets a new benchmark. Qilai Shen/EPA

Alibaba’s IPO signals a fresh appetite for Chinese technology

The planned stock market listing of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba in New York is a landmark deal for several reasons. The listing is anticipated to become the largest in the US since Facebook’s issue…

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