Ancient WA trees threatened by little-understood disease

Thousands of beautiful Marri trees throughout the South West of WA, including the wineries region, are dying or are already dead from a devastating form of tree cancer, known as Marri canker.

Researchers have also identified that large areas of the Northern Jarrah forest from the Perth Hills to Collie have suddenly collapsed and died from drought. Wandoo, Tuart and WA Peppermint have also shown severe recent declines, with some of the dead trees estimated to be at least 150 to 200 years old.

“Marri is an iconic tree species in Western Australia but this cancer is destroying them and therefore the character and beauty of our famous Margaret River wine region is suffering,” said researchers.

“Currently the Marri canker is not completely understood and there are no known solutions. We are running out of time to find them.”

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