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As a Founding Partner of The Conversation, The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation is serious about establishing and building relationships with members of the community and welcomes The Conversation’s contribution to science communication.

CSIRO is Australia’s national science agency and one of the largest and most diverse research organisations in the world. We focus on mission-directed research to answer the big questions for industry and society.

Our work delivers improvements to every aspect of life, from oceans to energy, metals to medicine, and sustainability to food. CSIRO also works at the forefront of emerging sectors, such as information and communication technologies, gene technology and nanotechnology.

For more than 85 years, working from sites across Australia and around the globe, our people have brought innovation to fruition. Breakthroughs such as the wireless technology now employed in more than a billion devices worldwide, the formula for Aerogard insect repellant, the water-efficient cotton strains used in most pairs of jeans worn by Americans, and the technology behind the first messages from Neil Armstrong as he walked on the moon are part of CSIRO’s legacy.

In collaboration with partners in Australia and around the world, CSIRO works on multidisciplinary projects addressing big complex questions around climate change and adaptation, energy security, biodiversity and the origins of the universe. New developments include flexible, printable solar cells that can be wrapped around anything; the perfect prawn—a sustainable, tasty, high yield farmed prawn; and new drought-tolerant wheat strains.

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