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Paul Ramsay Foundation

The Paul Ramsay Foundation was established in in 2006 by Paul Ramsay AO, and since 2014 has continued Paul’s philanthropic legacy through a shared commitment to break cycles of disadvantage in Australia by investing in partnerships for potential.

The Paul Ramsay Foundation’s mission is to break cycles of disadvantage in Australia. Cycles of disadvantage are numerous, complex and greater than the sum of their parts. We focus on the most stubborn barriers to change, where multiple cycles of disadvantage collide and experiences of disadvantage persist across generations.

The Paul Ramsay Foundation partners with individuals and organisations around Australia to support promising ideas and methods, scalable innovation and adaptive practice.

The Conversation received a philanthropic grant from the Paul Ramsay Foundation to enable our editors to work with academics and researchers interested in natural disasters and transformative resilience between December 2020 and December 2021.