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Demonstrators march on international migrant day 2016. EPA

Was 2016 just 1938 all over again?

Diaries from 1938 show the depth of concern about the direction the world was taking. Are we facing similar dark prospects?
AAP/Reuters/The Conversation

2016, the year that was: Politics and Society

Brexit, Trump, terrorism, 18C, safe schools, the gay marriage plebiscite, a government with a wafer-thin majority and a fractious Senate: it has been quite a year in politics.
Christmas Eve 2015, Paris. Philippe Wojazer/Reuters

Was 2015 such a terrible year? And what will 2016 look like?

Well Santa has come and gone, at least for the largest proportion of the world’s population. And, as we reach the end of the year, it is inevitably time to review recent trends and the prospects for 2016…

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