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Empty sample tubes wait to be filled in a blood and urine sample freezer. South Africa has no legislation governing biobanks that deal with human biological material. Reuters/Phil Noble

How to make sure South Africa’s biobanks balance scientific progress with the law

South Africa has no legislation setting out the rules for biobanks and the guidelines that do exist are not clear or detailed. This leaves the door wide open for unethical practises.
Demonstrators dressed as embryos gather outside the French parliament to protest laws authorising research on embryonic stem cells. Across the world, countries are implementing additional laws to use treatments that are still in trial phases. Reuters/Benoit Tessier

Why the world needs to keep pace with breakthroughs in stem cell research

Many countries are introducing legislation and allowing practitioners to use medication still undergoing trials but that show preliminary signs of being safe, including some stem cell treatments.
Legislation in South Africa needs to be updated to accommodate the development in stem cell research and therapies. Reuters

Why South Africa needs better laws for stem cell research and therapy

South Africa may have legislation broadly guiding stem cell research and treatment, but these laws must be updated and clarified for it to be effective.

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