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Some might see alcohol taxes and sales as a source of revenue for governments, but they might not consider the full story: the public costs of drinking far outweigh the revenues. (Shutterstock)

Canada’s alcohol deficit: The public cost of alcohol outweighs government revenue

Unlike other substances, alcohol is often present in our lives. While governments gain revenues from taxes on alcohol sales, the public costs of drinking far outweigh the revenues.
To reduce alcohol consumption among young people, parental rules are more effective than daily discussions. (Shutterstock)

Alcohol consumption among teenagers: Parents need to set rules and not just talk about it

Parents of teenagers play an important role in their alcohol consumption. A new study shows that parental rules are the key, and that talking is not all that useful!
Drugs used to treat alcohol use disorder have been on the market for decades but are rarely prescribed. Krit of Studio OMG/Moment via Getty Images

Alcohol use disorder can be treated with an array of medications – but few people have heard of them

Alcohol is responsible for more deaths than overdoses from opioids and all other substances combined, yet less than 10% of people with alcohol use disorder receive treatment.
Adding water to the mash vat as part of the brewing process: from left to right, Adrian Warrell (historic brewer), Charlie Taverner (postdoctoral researcher) and Marc Meltonville (head brewer) and Jamie Comer from Storylab at Anglia Ruskin University. Susan Flavin

Five things our research uncovered when we recreated 16th century beer (and barrels)

At Christchurch Cathedral in Dublin masons received up to 15 pints a day as payment.
Substance use during pregnancy can lead to a broad array of harmful effects. Liudmila Chernetska/iStock via Getty Images Plus

Hundreds of thousands of US infants every year pay the consequences of prenatal exposure to drugs, a growing crisis particularly in rural America

Many people wrongly assume that cannabis use during pregnancy is safe. Research is increasingly documenting a host of serious health harms from prenatal exposure to cannabis and other substances.

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