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Articles on Antimicrobial resistance

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Superbug can cause life-threatening diarrhoea

A common hospital bacterium can mutate into a superbug that causes potentially life-threatening diarrhoea, a Monash University-led…
Marsupials and monotremes could do the dirty on drug-resistant infections. Lorinda Taylor/AAP

Doctor’s pouch: Australian mammals hold the key to fighting superbugs

We know, because it’s big news, that drug-resistant infections are on the rise globally. But could Australian mammals hold the key to a fightback? Our current crop of antibiotics is in danger of becoming…
The development and dissemination of Salmonella Kentucky’s antimicrobial resistance may be caused by the antibiotics used in animals farmed for food. shannonkringen/flickr

Salmonella Kentucky: stopping the spread of a new superbug

Recent outbreaks of enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli (e-coli) in Germany and reports about the emergence of “new superbug” Salmonella Kentucky have re-focused public attention on food-borne diseases…

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