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Coalition welfare policy wrongly relies on the flawed Work of the Dole program. AAP

Work for the Dole doesn’t work, so why is it Coalition policy?

Tony Abbott’s recently unveiled welfare reform package advocating a range of tough policies to push people into work has been described by Prime Minister Julia Gillard as ‘reheated’. You might expect that…
Australians will need to speak and understand Chinese. AFP / Philippe Lopez

Why every child under fifteen should learn to speak Chinese

No amount of AFL passes in the Oval Office during Prime Minister Gillard’s visit to Washington last month could disguise the real issue facing Australia, the US and the rest of the world: the rise of China…
According to Kevin Rudd cabinet was divided on the ETS. AAP/Tracey Nearmy

Why Kevin Rudd isn’t perfect

Last night on the popular interactive current affairs program, Q&A, Kevin Rudd admitted that he isn’t perfect. Rudd told viewers and studio audience members that he was “wrong” to shelve the Emissions…
Don Bradman was the “greatest living Australian”, according to John Howard, and is so central to the country’s history, he features in the citizenship test. AAP Photo/ Mortlock Library of South Australia

Gillard government can remake history by adopting a neglected idea

Australia is in danger of forgetting its past. The government is starving history projects of their funding. And we have until Friday to try to stop the total abolition of the crucial Making History initiative…
offshoregas. AAP

The resources tax: back to the future?

Even as debate rages on how the Federal Government will legislate the Minerals Resource Rent Tax, it seems that as so often happens in politics, what is old is new again. Almost 23 years ago, off-shore…

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