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Great teachers are those who have an impact on each student. from

What is the role of a teacher?

Public perception of teachers influences not only those who may be considering entering teaching, but also how those in this profession perceive themselves.
Governments reform agendas determine which aspects of teacher education to improve. Katina Curtis/AAP

Political meddling in teacher education needs to stop

Despite a steady stream of reviews into teacher education, little action has been taken. It has become a ‘policy problem’. What is the evidence for current policy?
Many artists become teachers because they struggle to sustain a profession as an artist. from

Do arts teachers have to be artists?

In the hierarchy of subjects, art is usually ranked at the bottom. Would teachers who have an artistic background help raise the status of the subject in schools?
We are going to see more teachers working outside their area of expertise. from

What will school education look like by 2020?

Teacher education is set to become increasingly part-time, female-dominated, with more teachers working outside their area of expertise.

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