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Bless ‘em. (That’s an order.) The Yorck Project

Modern day ‘Cinderella law’ has roots in Georgian Britain

A newly proposed “Cinderella law” seeks to make parents’ “emotional abuse” of their children a criminal offence in England and Wales. Under it, parents who deliberately ignore children, subject them to…
Harsh immigration policy makes it hard to stop abuse of migrant children. Richard Scott/PA

A rethink is needed on how to handle trafficked and migrant children

Over the past few years, policy-makers, academics and practitioners have paid more and more attention to children who are trafficked into and within the UK. But while children are trafficked for various…

Childhood abuse linked to adult ADHD

Children who are abused are more likely to suffer from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and attention deficit…
The UK’s justice system has failed to protect rape complainants from harm. Valerie Everett

Suicides show how justice system fails rape victims

In the space of just over a year, two women in Greater Manchester have killed themselves because of their experiences as complainants in sexual offences cases. The challenge this poses to the criminal…
Is it a moral and legal imperative to give Woody Allen the ‘benefit of the doubt’ in allegations he sexually abused his then-stepdaughter? EPA/Guillaume Horcajuelo

Woody Allen: presumption of innocence no guarantee of justice in sexual abuse

Last week, Woody Allen’s adopted daughter Dylan Farrow published an open letter in The New York Times accusing him of child sexual abuse. These allegations were first aired in the early 1990s in the context…
Children in Australia will not be among those allowed to bring complaints of rights abuses by governments to the UN. AAP/Lukas Coch

Children and human rights abuses: coming to an international stage?

For the first time, children will soon be able to bring complaints of human rights violations to the United Nations. Although the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child has been in operation since…
The court of public opinion: Jimmy Savile’s house, defaced after his crimes were exposed. PA

Notes on a scandal: the Jimmy Savile case is all too familiar

For all its extraordinary impact, the Jimmy Savile scandal has not unfolded in an exceptional way. The media and justice systems’ treatment of the affair is only the latest example of a relatively new…
I’ve always thought that Miliband was a bit extreme … Anthony Devlin/PA

Blocking extremist sites is not the same as fighting child porn

Fresh from its success calling on search engines to block access to child porn, the UK government is turning its attention to terrorism. Ministers are poised to call on internet service providers to block…
At risk: up to one in four children reports experiencing harm. j.d. welch

Show us the money if you want better child protection

Michael Gove has taken aim at social workers and called for a major rethink of how they approach their work. According to the education secretary, social workers are often trained to see those they work…
Daniel Pelka suffered horrific abuse at the hands of his parents. West Midlands Police/PA Wire

Daniel Pelka death shows how hard child protection can be

The horrific neglect and subsequent death of Daniel Pelka at the hands of his mother and step-father raises a number of questions about safeguarding procedures and practice. We are told teachers were concerned…
The Catholic Church has been reticent about its investigations into child abuse. John Shore

Vatican silence on abuse likely to continue despite UN plea

Last week the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) asked the Vatican to disclose details of child sexual abuse cases involving Catholic clergy for the period November 1995 to January 2014. According…

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